The original Fashion Design Camp (founded in 2006)!!!

Welcome to Fashion Design Camp, a unique hands-on workshop where girls and boys learn about all aspects of the fashion industry. Each child will produce his or her own clothing line from concept to creation, with plenty of inspiration and playful experimentation along the way.

Note: Past FDC Campers receive 10% off.

Registration for 2014 open Jan 1st through July 1st.
Portland Camp: July 14-18th
Seattle Camp: July 28th-Aug 1st

Did you see us in May 2012 Seventeen Magazine? Yes, there may be other Fashion Design Camps, but we are the original!

Last year our fashion design camp attendees go to show off their creations in an adult fashion show! We Featured clothing from artists Holly Stalder, Kate Towers, Elizabeth Rohloff, Luxury Jones, FrockJackMorgan, Made_line, Sarah Seven and Elizabeth Dye. Snapping pictures of these fabulous kids was our favorite photographer, Ray Gordon. This Fairy-Tale theme show also had live music from the amazing School Of Rock Band! All proceeds went to local children's charities.

Following the guidance of expert instructors and their own imaginations, campers ages 8-16 will:

  • brainstorm ideas and sketch designs
  • make patterns
  • choose and cut fabric
  • construct and sew clothing
  • model their creations in a real fashion show

When their garments are completed, campers will learn how to style and accessorize an outfit for a professional photo shoot. Photographs from this session, along with sketches, patterns and fabric swatches will go into a personal portfolio that each child will take home at the end of the week.

Fashion Design Camp will culminate in a fashion-show extravaganza, giving young designers the opportunity to showcase their handiwork for friends and family by strutting down the runway in their finished masterpieces.

All children contain the seeds of greatness, just waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow. Do you have a budding Coco Chanel or Giorgio Armani in your home? Nurture that genius! The right mentors, materials, and loving encouragement can make all the difference between a great potential and a grand passion.

Donations of sewing machines, fabric, scraps, slips, thread and notions gladly accepted!

Interested in starting FASHION DESIGN CAMP in your city? Let us help and we'll promote you on our site! Contact taceewebb@yahoo.com.

Note: Fashion Design Camp has right to camp cancellation if camp receives less than 6 applicants in which case fee is refunded in full.